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Coach Trimmers to the Motor Industry
Rolls Royce Convertible
Project 1 of 15
The interior of this 1955 Drop-head Chinese Eye Rolls Royce was trimmed in magnolia Connolly leather with maroon piping. The carpets were fabricated using maroon Wilton and the hood using grey mohair with a West of England cloth lining.
Project 2 of 15
This Mercedes reached our factory in pieces and was hand constructed. P&G Trimmers restored the exterior and interior of this car to the high standard that you can see in the photograph. The interior was completed in white leather to match the hand crafted white canvas convertible hood. We have had the privilege of restoring many vintage and classic cars.
Bentley R Type
Project 3 of 15
This R/Type Bentley arrived from Italy with printed instructions from the customer. He wanted a complete and full restoration from the ground up. He also sent the original purchase document from the factory showing the paint and trim codes. The car had to be finished like the first day it left the factory. Connolly re-manufactured 11 hides of leather for us and the original paint was sourced using the codes supplied. Two years later the restoration was completed. We contacted the owner’s agent to establish how he would like the car to be delivered. Only to be told he would meet us in London as he wanted to drive the car back to Italy. The photographs were taken in London when the car was collected by its owner.
Wood&Pickett Mini
Project 4 of 15
Mini restored for my eldest son back in the 90's. Takes me back to the good old days.....!
Range Rover
Project 5 of 15
The majority of work we carry out on Range Rovers is the transformation of the interior to meet the client's wishes and tastes. We recently completed several full re-trim projects to the new Range Rover models. Including the addition of TFT television screens into the rear head rests of each seat. These can then be connected to DVD, game console or whatever suitable device.
Project 6 of 15
P&G Trimmers is known for customising several Lamborghini's, including the famous Countach used by Sylvester Stallone in the 'Rocky IV' movie. This bright orange Lamborghini Gallardo Coupe arrived in our workshop with a cigarette burn in the front passenger seat. The owner had only driven the car a handful of times and to say he was upset with the burn would be mild. The repair was completed and the customer was incredibly happy with the work.
Project 7 of 15
One of many completed projects was photographed at a show (see image 1). Images 2 to 5 are before and after pictures of a standard front bench seat, and front carpet with dicky seats.
You will find some of the Triumphs we retrimmed in the gallery.
Mk6 Bentley
Project 8 of 15
conversion started 22 years ago
Bentley Speedstar
Project 9 of 15
Cars of this calibre only come along once in a life time and we had the opportunity to re-trim the interior in tan Connolly leather. We also trimmed a tan duck skin hood.
Bentley S1
Project 10 of 15
This Bentley S1 was found by its current owner in a farm barn. It was in a very poor condition when it arrived at our workshop and in need of a complete restoration. We started by stripping the body right back to the bare metal and fabricated new panels where necessary; we fitted two new outer sills as they were rotten. The interior was also rotten and needed restoring. The original woodwork had new lacquer and the whole interior was trimmed using Connolly leather in magnolia with blue piping. Dark blue Wilton carpet was used to cover the floors and boot, and to fabricate the mats. We used West of England wool cloth to fabricate a new head-lining. The new body was then painted dark blue over peacock blue and 3-inch white wall tyres fitted to finish the design. This Bentley now spends its time on the windy roads of California, USA.
Golf Cabriolet
Project 11 of 15
I purchased this car on Ebay as an anniversary gift for my wife. It was in a bad way and needed lots of work. The car was totally stripped inside and out. New body panels were fabricated and we decided to remove the swage lines. The original suspension was overhauled and our mechanics rebuilt the engine. The car was then painted in Rolls Royce metallic blue. We designed a new interior using dark blue Connolly leather on the dashboard and roll bar and then used magnolia Connolly leather for the seats with dark blue piping. We fabricated dark blue Wilton carpets and a dark blue mohair hood. We used black West of England Wool cloth for the head-lining. We hand-stitched the steering wheel in magnolia and personalised it by embossing my wife's initials in the centre.
Rolls Royce silver cloud
Project 12 of 15
This Rolls Royce Silver Cloud III belongs to one of our very special clients who requested a complete interior restoration in red Connolloy leather with magnolia piping. We used red Wilton carpets with magnolia connolly leather edges. The Burr Walnut woodwork was stripped and re-lacquered. The colour theme was repeated in the boot area.
Mercedes Gullwing 300SL
Project 13 of 15
This Mercedes Gullwing arrived into our warehouse from Switzerland in great condition but without all the original features. Following a two year renovation project we repainted and upholstered the vehicle to its exact origial design. We used specific paints and Mercedes fabric. The dashboard, doors, quarters and rear section were designed and covered in blue Conolly leather by us. We also covered the floors in dark blue Wilton carpets. Once completed the car was shipped to its owner in Australia.
Triumph Roadster
Project 14 of 15
just a couple of roadsters one magnolia the other mulbury red
Rolls Royce Cloud III
Project 15 of 15